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What we brew…


Espresso is a coffee-brewing method of Italian origin, in which a small amount of nearly boiling water is forced under 9–10 bars of pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. Espresso coffee can be made with a wide variety of coffee beans and roast degrees


A cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink that originated in Italy, and is traditionally prepared with steamed milk foam. Variations of the drink involve the use of cream instead of milk, using non-dairy milks, and flavoring with cinnamon or chocolate powder.

Caffe Latte

Made with espresso and steamed milk, a Caffe latte is a our #1 coffee drink. The term comes from the Italian caffè e latte, caffelatte or caffellatte, which means “coffee & milk”. In English, it is often shortened to just latte; either or both words sometimes have an accent on the final e.


A mochaccino or caffe mocha, is a chocolate-flavored variant of a caffè latte, commonly served in a glass. Other commonly used spellings are mochaccino and also mochachino. The name is derived from the city of Mocha, Yemen, which was one of the centers of early coffee trade.


Sometimes called an espresso macchiato,  a Caffe Macchiato is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually foamed. In Italian, macchiato means “stained” or “spotted” so the literal translation of caffè macchiato is “stained” or “marked coffee.”


An Americano or also known as a Caffè Americano is a type of coffee drink prepared by diluting an espresso with hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from, traditionally brewed coffee. The strength of an Americano varies with the number of shots of espresso and the amount of water added.

By the way…
In our house we have

  • premium coffee
  • quality organic teas
  • sumptuous smoothies & slush
  • exquisite customer service
  • freshly baked desserts
  • delightful ice creams & sweets
  • delicious instore food item
  • order ahead pickup

Barrhead  – Coffee -Espresso- Cappuccino- Macchiato – Lattes – Teas – Fogs – Frappuccino – Smoothies – Ice Cream

At the Barrhead Coffee Café, we pride ourselves in bringing the best coffee to Barrhead.

COFFEE OR TEA – Hot and Iced

Freshly ground house blend coffee for hot or iced choices, made to suit each customer, with an add on variety that is beyond compare. Our menu features Italian style coffee beverages ranging from classic Espresso to the continental must-have Cappuccinos, Macchiato’s and Lattes.  The tea collection has a full range of black, green, white and herbal tea blends to please all tea drinkers be it a hot cup, a tall iced choice or a delicious Fog or Latte. A full compliment of chilly cold iced drinks are available on our menu from Iced Coffees and Cappuccinos, Iced Teas, Fogs and Chai Lattes ranging to Italian Sodas to Smoothies.


And every Barrhead coffee shop/café needs baked goods so add on a full menu compliment of muffins, Sweet breads, cookies, and pastries, baked fresh in house for your enjoyment.  The piece de resistance (and local secret) is the fabulous ice cream cones, sundaes and dessert specialties by Christine, in select hard scoop flavors and soft serve.
So come in and see us soon for the best coffee or the perfect brew!

When the coffee cafe opens its doors every morning, it’s like sending a warm hug to each one of our customers. The smell of fresh coffee and just baked muffins, cookies and pastries coming right out of the oven, is a great way to put calm in your day.

At this Barrhead Coffee Café, we love to meet new people and share words of friendship with our everyday customers while we brew up coffees, teas, specialty Hot & Ice Beverages, or even scooping up Ice cream delights. Why not make The Flower Shoppe Café your go to for the next coffee run, tea time or grab a coffee to go!  We look forward to having your order ready for your savoring enjoyment. 


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Coffee to Go Barrhead


The coffee is seriously excellent.



So great! Coffee bar, friendly staff and great cup of coffee. Thanks Chris!


Did you like our coffee? Let us know…

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The Flower Shoppe Cafe

5032 50 St
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The Flower Shoppe Café — 5032 50 St — Barrhead, AB — T7N 1A6

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